Communities in Full Colour
July 31, 2020

Communities in Full Colour is a community-investment commitment that gives back to the places Co-op calls home. We are working to brighten up our communities by donating Co-op Imagine paint to the projects and initiatives that matter most to you.

Stop by your local Co-op Home Centre or visit Communities in Full Colour for more information and to apply.

Assiniboia Olympia Theatre

There have been some exciting changes at the Olympia Theatre, Assiniboia in the spring of 2020. Through the Communities in Full Colour Program, we were able to provide the paint for a face lift during the 2020 downtime. We are looking forward to seeing the changes in person when the theatre is open again!

Mossbank Play and Learn Program

The Mossbank Play and Learn Program will welcome participants back with a bright new look! Southland Co-op and the Communities in Full Colour Program is pleased to provide the paint for this project.

Assiniboia 55 Club

Assiniboia 55 Club volunteers have been busy while the Club has been closed.                  Southland Co-op and the Communities in Full Colour Program provided the paint to refresh the walls as part of a major spring project. Members will be welcomed by the revitalized interior when club activities resume.

Camp Woodboia Inc.

Camp Woodboia Inc., located adjacent to the Wood Mountain Regional Park, provides opportunity for campers ages 6 to 13 to experience the natural world and grow in faith through friendship, learning and play.

The paint donation has provided a revitalization to the cabin exteriors to brighten the camp and extend the life of the buildings.