Southland Co-op Board of Directors
July 28, 2020

Southland Co-op is a democratically controlled co-operative which members control through a locally elected Board of Directors.

The board is responsible for the corporate governance of the organization. Our board members perform these duties with the support of the executive team, management, support staff and all other employees, in line with the wishes and expectations of our members.

Our 2020 — 2021 Committees are:

  • Audit & Risk Management
  • Finance & Governance
  • Member & Community Engagement
  • Nominations 

Southland Co-op Board of Directors 


Pat Piché,  President     
Box 326,  Assiniboia, SK   S0H 0B0
Marc Topola, Vice President     
Box 1210, Assiniboia, SK   S0H 0B0
Lynne Piche,  Secretary     
Box 179, Gravelbourg, Sk   S0H 1X0
Jim Achtymichuk,  Director     
Box 545, Coronach, SK   S0H 0Z0
Jeannette Moquin,  Director     
Box 1018, Gravelbourg, SK   S0H 1X0
Anita Palmier,  Director     
Box 249, Lafleche, SK   S0H 2K0
Bruce Anderson,  Director     
Box 444, Lafleche, SK   S0H 2K0
Real Durand,  Director     
Box 113, Willow Bunch, SK   S0H 4K0
Jarrett Orten, Director
          Box 931, Assiniboia, SK   S0H 0B0