Pick-up and Delivery Options for all locations
December 11, 2020

To place your order at one of the following Southland Co-op Locations, send an email to the address listed or call.
Additional ordering information can be found by clicking on the store’s link.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for information on how to use the Co-op App to prepare your grocery order!

Assiniboia Food Store

assin.orders@southlandco-op.ca      306-642-3347


Coronach Food Store

13fm@southlandco-op.ca       306-267-2030

Gravelbourg Food Store

07fm@southlandco-op.ca       306-648-3102

Lafleche Food Store

06fm@southlandco-op.ca        306-472-5510

Assiniboia Home Centre

To place your order, send an email to homecentreorders@southlandco-op.ca
Call 306-642-5944
Or use the order form found here:

All other locations also provide curb-side pick-up or free in-town delivery.
Call the location to place your order and make payment arrangements.

Assiniboia Agro Centre 306-642-4933

Coronach Service Centre 306-267-2044

Mossbank Service Centre 306-354-2350

Another easy way to prepare your grocery order is to use the Co-op App!


Watch the video below to learn how easy it is to use the Co-op App to prepare your order and e-mail it.